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Ms. Clara Webber was the first children's librarian of Pomona Public Library. A long time correspondent with Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder, she was instrumental in having the Children's Room named in honor of Mrs. Wilder on May 25, 1950. Today, we house the original hand written manuscript for the novel Little Town on the Prairie. Every February, we host the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable in honor of Mrs. Wilder's February 7th birthday.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinosaur Program With Richard Wade

We had a great time yesterday with Richard Wade. He did a Dinosaur program. I learned many things that I had not known about. I bet you did too!

Monica Rodriguez from the Daily Bulletin was there and also a photographer so hopefully we will be in the paper soon.

We are still low in numbers from last year so please come in and sign up for the reading program. It's fun and we have great prizes!

See you here!

Joke of the day: What type of sport utility vehicle would a dinosaur drive?
Answer: A Bronco-saurus. :)

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