Welcome to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Children's Room!

Ms. Clara Webber was the first children's librarian of Pomona Public Library. A long time correspondent with Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder, she was instrumental in having the Children's Room named in honor of Mrs. Wilder on May 25, 1950. Today, we house the original hand written manuscript for the novel Little Town on the Prairie. Every February, we host the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable in honor of Mrs. Wilder's February 7th birthday.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Franklin Haynes Marionettes

Good Wednesday young Pomonans!  We had a GREAT marionette show today!  The marionettes were fabulous and it was a really funny show with a lot of pirate jokes.  The show was called "The Princess and the Pirate." 

Joke of the day: What's black and white and red all over?
Answer: A zebra with a rash!  ;)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Week One and Two of our Summer Reading Programs

Most of you recognize our first performer of the year.  He is our good friend Abbit the Average.  He is my all time favorite children's entertainer.  Once again he gave his fun and shocking program.  By shocking I mean the way he makes things disappear.  Not shocking as in electrocuting.  You know what I mean. 

The second program was Pacific animals.  Cindi brought some fun animals.  I didn't get a picture of the baby alligator but that one got everybody's attention!

This coming week, June 26th at 3:30pm we will have Franklin Haynes Marionettes.  We have not had this program before so be sure to come and check it out.  We saw him perform at a showcase we went to and were very impressed.  SEE YOU HERE!!

Joke of the day:  What did the judge say when a skunk entered the courtroom? 
Answer:  Odor in the court!  ;)