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Ms. Clara Webber was the first children's librarian of Pomona Public Library. A long time correspondent with Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder, she was instrumental in having the Children's Room named in honor of Mrs. Wilder on May 25, 1950. Today, we house the original hand written manuscript for the novel Little Town on the Prairie. Every February, we host the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable in honor of Mrs. Wilder's February 7th birthday.

Friday, April 25, 2008

May Day

May Day 2007
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May Day is May 1st. Has anyone celebrated this at school? I remember celebrating it with a pole dance that the whole school would participate in. It looked very much like this picture. I don't hear much about this day anymore and was curious if they do this in school anymore. Leave a comment and enlighten me please!

This is a Wikipedia definition:

May Day was also celebrated by some early European settlers of the American continent. In some parts of the United States, May Day baskets are made. These baskets are small and usually filled with flowers or treats are left at someone's doorstep. When you ring the bell, you are supposed to run away.

Modern May Day ceremonies in the U.S. vary greatly from region to region and many unite both the holiday's "Green Root" (pagan) and "Red Root" (labor) traditions[4] Among the largest is the May Day Parade and Pageant created by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, an event that has happened every year since 1974 in Minneapolis and now attracts some 35,000 people.

Have a great May Day on May 1st and please don't forget to come into the library next week. I can't believe next week is May. Then comes June and you all know what happens then - THE SUMMER READING PROGRAM!!!! Hooray! That's my favorite time of year.

Joke of the day:
knock, knock
Who's there?
Little old lady.
Little old lady who?
I didn't know you could yodel!

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