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Ms. Clara Webber was the first children's librarian of Pomona Public Library. A long time correspondent with Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder, she was instrumental in having the Children's Room named in honor of Mrs. Wilder on May 25, 1950. Today, we house the original hand written manuscript for the novel Little Town on the Prairie. Every February, we host the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable in honor of Mrs. Wilder's February 7th birthday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ladybug Craft

The final count is in and this year we have (drum roll please) 1,011 readers join our Summer Reading Program! I've been here almost 18 years and this is our best number yet. I'm very proud of all of you who came through the library this summer and read for fun. It is a lot of fun to read and I'm glad so many young Pomonans know this.

This is the last week for you all to turn in hours read. August 9th at 5:00pm is the deadline. Our party will be August 13th at 10:00am. We are keeping it in the morning because we will be outside in the courtyard. We will have our own Abbit the Average come again this year! (I hope he doen't mind that we claim him as our own!)

This week at PPL:

Monday 12:00-2:00pm Elf
1:00-5:00pm Reading Buddies

Tuesday: 12:15pm Story time
1:00-5:00pm Reading Buddies
2:30-3:30pm Reader's Theater Rehearsal
3:30-4:30pm Ladybug Craft

Wednesday: 1:00-5:00pm Reading Buddies
2:30-3:30pm Reader's Theater Rehearsal
3:30-4:00pm Reader's Theater Performance
4:00-4:30pm Cast party

Thursday: 12:15pm Infant Story time
1:00-5:00pm Reading Buddies

Have a great week everyone!

Joke of the day: Why are calendars so popular?
Answer: Because they have a date everyday of the year! :)

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