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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Humans in Space Symposium Youth Art Competition

Good day, young Pomonans! Our own Pride in Garfield Park sent this to me today to tell all of you about. It sounds like a great opportunity for you. Here it is:

I am pleased to announce the opening of the International Academy of
Astronautics Humans in Space Symposium Youth Art Competition! Please
learn about the Competition by visiting www.humansinspaceart.org
. You can also use a more direct link
http://www.dsls.usra.edu/meetings/IAA/artContest/ to the competition.

This online competition invites children aged 10-17 years old to express
what they think about the future of human space exploration via
literary, visual, musical or video art. Artists’ entries must be
received by September 30, 2010 in order to participate in the
competition. The winners will have their art displayed in an online
gallery and will be invited to attend the Humans in Space Symposium in
Houston, TX in April 2011. Please tell any youth who might be interested
about the Art Competition and encourage them to submit an entry!

Also, as you know, the competition must be very well advertised
worldwide, or it will not be a success. Thus, if you don’t mind, please
email out the competition website link to all education groups, schools,
space-associated entities, youth organizations, arts groups, businesses,
community groups, etc. Please also forward the attached flyer, either
as is or after adapting it to be more suitable for your local
environment, so that people receiving your email can have a printable
announcement to put up on bulletin boards or to hand distribute. Please
feel free to also print out flyers yourselves to manually distribute or
post for display.

Thank you in advance for your effort to advertise the Art Competition. I
sincerely hope that we will have youth participating from around the
world in this competition.


Jancy C. McPhee, Ph.D.
Associate Program Scientist
Human Research Program
NASA-Johnson Space Center/USRA
2101 NASA Parkway, Bldg. 37, Rm. 1062, MC SK
Houston, TX 77058
Tel: (281) 244-6434 Fax: (281) 483-2888
E-mail: jancy.c.mcphee@nasa.gov

Joke of the day: What is high in the sky that you see every night?
Answer: Space art! ;)

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