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Ms. Clara Webber was the first children's librarian of Pomona Public Library. A long time correspondent with Mrs. Laura Ingalls Wilder, she was instrumental in having the Children's Room named in honor of Mrs. Wilder on May 25, 1950. Today, we house the original hand written manuscript for the novel Little Town on the Prairie. Every February, we host the Laura Ingalls Wilder Sociable in honor of Mrs. Wilder's February 7th birthday.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Parade and the last few pictures in the Spencer Public Library

I love children's programming so I felt very honored to watch the children parade through the library. Children in libraries is what it is all about. You can learn a life full of reading when you start them young.

I was talking with Joy and Mary when this man at one of the computers who heard I was from California asked me if I had any literary contacts out here. I wish I could have given him at least five phone numbers. But you now what? He was at his community library pursing his dream. NEWS FLASH: Life lesson: That's what it's
all about.

The other thing I wanted to share with you before we leave the library is the book drop where someone put Dewey. You can see the outside drop then the box with the books is where he was found with some books on top of him. I don't know if you can tell but that box is all metal and I'm sure on a very cold January morning he was very uncomfortable. In the book Vicki says that when Dewey started getting famous, eleven people claimed to have put Dewey in that box!

Next installment: The Signing.

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